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After treating 5000 Covid patients, Sanjiban Hospital is declared as vaccination centre by Govt of WB

This is the second nursing home In Howrah which has been selected as state’s vaccination centre

Sanjiban Hospital, one of the largest and most acclaimed health knowledge management hospitals in West Bengal, located at Fuleswar, Howrah was declared as preferred Covid 19 Vaccination Centre by the State Government. After successfully curing more than 5000 Covid-19 patients, vaccination drive has been started at Sanjiban Hospital with one hundred frontline Covid-19 warriors including the hospital’s staff members.

State Government selected one hundred people including Dr. Subhasis Mitra, Director, Sanjiban Hospital and Dr. Dalia Mitra, Medical Director, Sanjiban Hospital who have been vaccinated today successfully. This hospital has become a supporting system for Government in seamless distribution of COVID -19 vaccinations across the state.

The entire procedure was administered by medical inspectors of the state government. The hospital adhered to the strict norms set by the state government throughout the process.

Speaking on this occasion Dr. Subhasis Mitra, Director, Sanjiban Hospital added, “I would like to express my gratitude to the state government for selecting Sanjiban Hospital as COVID 19 vaccination center and we are proud to be the part of this largest vaccination drive in the country. We are always keen to provide unconditional support to the Government to fight back the pandemic and it is a landmark moment for us that we are also assisting in the prevention of this deadly virus.”

About Sanjiban Hospital:

Sanjiban Hospital, a Class 1 Multi-Specialty and Super Specialty Hospital, is one of the largest and most acclaimed health knowledge management hospitals in West Bengal, with 500 bed super specialty facilities. Conceptualized and set up by Dr. Subhasis Mitra, an Onco-surgeon with 35 years of experience (16 years in the UK) Sanjiban draws its strength from a group of highly skilled and committed doctors trained in India and UK, teamed with nurses and other paramedical staff. Its vision is to achieve excellence in affordable healthcare and medical affordable education. Its mission is to provide world class healthcare, at an affordable cost, with accountability and to build a very high quality health education system, which will produce world class doctors and allied clinical and para-medical professionals.

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